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A unique opportunity to learn tailoring and sewing clothes - as a hobby or an opportunity to earn!

The program "Making a men's and women's shirt" - basic level is intended for job training of candidates for sewing. The acquired knowledge and skills will help the candidates for easier employment and competitiveness in the labor market as well as in the organization and realization of the sewing process. In the realization of the training, modern teaching methods will be applied, verbal (oral presentation, conversation), visual (demonstration, drawing), practical methods (practical work - exercises) that will enable the candidate continuous activity for the entire duration of the training. The programs include making cuts according to given measures, their modification, tailoring and sewing wearable pieces of clothing with emphasis on practical work.

The structure of the program

Professional-theoretical part; Practical work and; Checking the achievements of the candidates (final exam). The professional-theoretical part of the training will be realized in rooms equipped with computers, internet, audio and video equipment, etc. The theoretical part of the training will be realized by trainers with completed higher education, technologist-textile direction. The practical part of the training will be realized in a modernly equipped textile workshop, we provide you with all the necessary accessories and materials for work and the candidates will be worked by mentor professors with many years of work experience. The third part of the program is the evaluation of the achievements of the candidates will be done through monitoring and evaluation of knowledge and skills during the entire training, oral presentation, written tests of knowledge of certain thematic units and segments and practical work-exercises.

Upon completion of the training, the candidates are able to:

Prepares the workplace; Identifies parts of an ordinary sewing machine; Handles sewing machines; Distinguishes and makes different types of stitches; Distinguishes ways of tailoring and sewing; Sew specific cut pieces of ready-made material; Properly uses cut pieces of ready-made materials; Sew men's and women's shirts; Controls sewn garment product; Repairs confectionery product; Interphase iron cutters; Implements technological procedures in ready-made production; Applies norms of work ethic. Upon completion of the training, the candidate obtains a certificate for "Making a men's and women's shirt" from the Ministry of Education and Science


Program duration: 3 months (240 hours) by agreement according to established dynamics. Start of training: Immediately after forming a group. Where: On the premises of the Fortex Academy. REGULAR PRICE OF THE COURSE 21,530 den with the possibility of payment in 3-4 installments The right chance to turn your talent and desire into an exciting profession that you will love a lot and bring you a great income.

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